Can we meet you before our session?

Certainly! Catch ups are best met with a coffee in hand, it’s the perfect way to get to know each other and talk about the session we’ll share together!

What should we wear?

The most important thing is that you are comfortable and everything else will fall into place. If hubby likes to wear his ripped footy Guernsey, the little ones rock PJ’s all day and you love that Brittany Spears t-shirt from 1999, wear it. If you like to wear Prada you can where that too.
Just be you.

Why are some sessions so long?

We love people and we love to work with everyone! We understand that each family is different. Some packages are geared for families that want a natural unfoldment of images and portraits of the day spent together. While other families prefer the session where everyone is dressed up beautifully for their lifestyle family portrait session. We appreciate the difference in peoples taste and values! 

How many images do I receive?

Good question. While I am focusing on quality, it can be challenging to give an exact number of images you will receive at the end of our session. Typically you can expect to receive about 80-100 strong images per hour maybe more.

What if I am camera shy?

I can assure you this will be at first a little strange. Trust me - that feeling will pass relatively quickly. This is one reason I like to meet with you first so we can build a bond. Plus, my friend Lenny tells me I am “warm, easy going and non intrusive with a calming affect”. Thanks Lenny!

Do you shoot Film or Digital?

I love to shoot both, film for the challenge and unpredictability and digital for its rapid fire. Some sessions are 50/50 20/80 visa versa. It depends on what unfolds on the day.

Are you Insured?

We would not walk out our front door without insurance for our families or ourselves. Yes we are fully insured with public liability. You do not need to worry when we come to photograph your family. All staff have are certified with a SA working with children check, which is up to date for everyone’s peace of mind. 

In case you were wondering?

We partner with exceptional businesses to provide you with the services and products you deserve. I would not exhibit or put my name next to anyone else.

The Experience

What to expect?

Myself and a few cameras with you and your family in your home.
I’ll arrive, we’ll have a chat and let the kids do their thing; I’ll get involved as they warm to me. Along the way moments will present themselves and I’ll photograph what unfolds.

What about the weather?

If it does rain when I am there, that just makes another chance to create something extraordinary. I’m sure the kids won’t mind playing in the puddles. If you are worried about pending inclement weather before your session we can certainly reschedule for a time that fits both of us.


When will we see you again?

I’m glad you asked. I’ll send a few images electronically within a few in a short days so you can see some of the magic for yourself. Then once I’ve finished personally editing your memories I will hand deliver your chosen packages. These photographs become your visual inheritance! 

Will you post our photos on your social media pages?

Only if you are happy for us to do so. While we are immensely proud of what comes from our sessions, we are also mindful of privacy and parental protection of the little ones.

Need more Answers?

Lets talk some more