"Some memories shouldn’t be forgotten"

I specialise in family documentary photography in and around Adelaide, and I'm always up for an adventure should travel be involved. 

I am an internationally awarded photographic artist that has focused on people, families and communities for over a decade. 
It's all about storytelling - capturing the essence of your family through unique, spontaneous, natural and heartfelt moments. Photographs are the heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. 

We capture your history.

My Approach

Some days are an adventure, some days get real and other days it’s endless fun-fuelled family shenanigans. But every day is special. 
Playing the role of an observer, I document the time we spend together by locking in the moments that tell your family’s story. Guided by visual queues I capture all the fun, solemn, loving, humorous, caring and joyous memories that shouldn't be forgotten. 
I work with individuals and families, initially getting them to relax and flow with the day, to the point where everyone forgets I'm even there - and starts having fun with it. 
This is really where the magic lives.